Persian Sofreh Aghd

Oh how I LOVE Persian ceremonies!

The Sofreh Aghd (marriage ceremony spread) goes back over 2500 years to ancient Persia.   It is beautiful, sumptuous to behold and rich in symbolism.  At interfaith intercultural weddings,  I always explain the symbolism of all the various elements.  Then we read some poetry!   Rumi is a favorite.   This was Mehdi and Beth’s sofreh at Tavern on the Green.

Persian Sofreh


A thank you note from Mr. and Mrs. Mattera

Hi Susanna,

We want to thank you so much for a beautiful and memorable ceremony.  It really exceeded our expectations and we were thrilled with it. So many people came up to us or called the next day to tell us it was the best ceremony they have ever been to!

It really set the tone for the rest of the night.

Also, we really hope you like and enjoy the angel; when we saw it made us think of you and hope it always reminds you of our wedding and what a special person you are.

All our love,

JeanAnn and Giovanni


To JeanAnn and Giovanni,

The joy and blessing were mine!  Thank YOU!

Rev. Susanna


Little Angels

The beauty of these little angels was lost on no one.  After our wedding ceremony, my heart beamed as I watched these flower girls play with the rose petals they had recently tossed so that our bride would walk on loveliness.

Little angels

Making my Hubby a Valentine!

Oh what fun it is to make my Hubby’s Valentine card this year!  It is a work in progress.  On canvas, the sides and back will be painted lipstick red and there will be a love message on the back.   As I tell my couples, the romance must continue for the rest of your lives.  Court your spouse!  We will be married 32 wonderful years this year…

Valentine for Hubby 2018

Persian Sofreh

I love love love the Persian Sofreh and Persian wedding ceremonies!   Sofreh literally means “marriage spread”.   This ancient tradition dates back thousands of years.   It is sumptuous to behold and filled with meaning — which I explain in detail at the ceremony.   (That’s me in the mirror taking the photo — in case you were wondering.)

Persian Sofreh

Persian Sofreh

Liz and Dustin’s Wedding in Contemporary Weddings Magazine!

Check out below Liz and Dustin’s beautiful wedding as featured in Contemporary Weddings Magazine!   D’Luxe Events was the event designer.   As you will see, it was magical.    It was my joy and privilege to officiate the ceremony.    Thank you Liz and Dustin for the honor of standing by your side.  It was pure joy!  Thank you Danielle for all you did in helping make this event a dream for our nuptial couple.   All those beautiful touches were noticed by this interfaith minister!

Rustic NJ Wedding at Lake Valhalla Club by Cody Raisig Photography

Rev. Macomb speaking at AWAIC conference

Hello All,

If you are in the Baltimore area the weekend of November 10-12,  I will be speaking at the 2017 conference for A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy at the Retreat and Conference Center at Bon Secours in Marriotsville, MD.  Fifty per cent of the attendees are not clergy, but people from all walks of life seeking to spiritually connect.  So join us!

Here is the link and info:

“Discovering the Next Steps in Your Spiritual Life Path” Rev. Susanna Stefanachi Macomb

The Universe calls us to grow and evolve if we listen within to the part of us that is One with the Source of All Being and then act upon it. Discover the next steps in your spiritual life’s path. Bring paper, crayons and pens or pencils.


This is a process that has guided, informed, healed and transformed my life for over 30 years— and one that I have taught to others.   I attended and spoke at the conference in 2014,  so I can personally attest that the retreat venue is beautiful and the people who attend  are wonderful!


The newly wedded Kelly and Christine!



Here is Kelly and Christine who married at Winvian Farm, a bucolic farm resort in CT, in front of fruit laded apple trees.   When they first came to me,  I could not but help notice how their hands were always tenderly holding, touching, caressing.   Not surprisingly, they chose the anointing and blessing of the hands as a focal point for their ceremony.  I got to know them.  The ceremony was personal and completely reflective of who they are, how they feel.  I laced their words throughout the ceremony.  The light of their love was felt by all!   It was an honor to stand by their sides.   Afterwards, Christine sent me this email which touched my heart.

Thank you so much Rev. Susanna.

I wanted to let you know how incredibly happy we are with how our wedding day turned out, we can’t thank you enough. It was a truly magical day from beginning to end.

You were SO wonderful and we have gotten calls, texts, emails, notes, still coming in about how blown away everyone was with the ceremony (apparently there wasn’t a dry eye in the place!), including my parents and family.  They all said they have never experienced anything like it, so special and intimate and engaging.  My parents are still talking about it, and everyone is asking about you and how we found you and how we put together such a ceremony.

We kept kept talking about how we think people have been a little changed since that day.  We are so thankful the universe sent us in your direction.  The ceremony was nothing short of incredible, but you also gave invaluable tools and advice on our relationship, current and future, that we will remember and use forever.  You helped us, me especially, to be more open and to see how important it is to show everyone what we have, and also to celebrate that.  I could go on and on, but you’ve been a true blessing and we are so grateful.

Albanian Wedding Dance!

After a beautiful wedding ceremony interlaced with their personal words about one another, Arton and Nicolette— a Muslim/Catholic couple so very much in love—rejoiced in dancing a traditional Albanian wedding dance.  The bride leads holding a handkerchief.  The dance begins with just the two of them. Then the immediate family joins in, followed by all their guests.   Guests shower them with money.   One can’t help but see similarities with traditional Greek wedding dancing.  After all, both are from the Balkan peninsula.  I see similarities all over the world!   The Jewish Horah and the Italian tarantella are two that come to mind.   Thank you Arton and Nicolette for giving me the gift of performing your ceremony, thereby witnessing the light of your love.    May God bless you with a lifetime of happiness!

Albanian Dance 1Albanian Wedding Dance 2Albanian Dance 3Albanian Wedding Dance 4