A Gorgeous Muslim-Catholic Wedding in the Mountains

Interfaith weddings take a bit of navigating, but when rooted in love, the rewards are immeasurable. I fell in love with this couple, their families, their love story. The groom set me this text from his honeymoon!

Hello from Maui! I never got an opportunity to speak or message you after our wedding so allow me to do that right now… the decision to have you marry Sezen and I was one of the best decisions we could’ve made. You truly exceeded all expectations and beyond. The way you were able to get 2 families from completely different backgrounds, cultures , and religions to be so engaged while speaking to their respective faiths was nothing short of remarkable. Not to mention Your selection of answers from Sezen and I that were so perfectly chosen and delivered!

You’re a Beautiful person with a beautiful soul Susanna. We’re so fortunate to have had you marry us.
All the best!

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