A Beautiful Touching Tribute That Made Me Cry!

A humanist, non-religious Jewish/Christian couple asked me for references. One of my couples, she, Jewish, and he, Greek Orthodox, decided to send me what Danielle wrote to this prospective couple. Her words made me cry! Here are her words below unedited. Apparently, she is answering some questions they had for her. Thank you, dear Danielle. I love you both!

“Hello!!!!! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! So exciting!!!! I don’t know how much Reverend Susanna told you about me, but I am a double reference professionally and personally. Professionally I have referred couples to her for the 10 years I’ve been a wedding planner…and personally because 10 years ago we had her officiate our wedding !!!!! She is simply amazing and magical and the most kind person. Her ceremonies are really unlike any other I’ve seen. So for your first question, they are so thoughtful, so personalized to you two ! For question number 2, she will help you along the way with whatever you need help and guidance with. Her approach is so easy going, insightful and understanding. It is such a relief as a bride to be able to easily ask for help and receive exactly the help you need. For question 3, not only will you be SO happy but I guarantee your families will be crying tears of joy and your guests will be talking about the ceremony for years to come. Really, my husband’s relatives still talk about how beautiful our ceremony was a decade later ! And that’s coming from very strict Greek Orthodox relatives that before our wedding, not only wasn’t familiar with anything like that but wasn’t that open minded to anything like that (even my very very difficult mother in law admitted that it was beautiful, nothing short of a miracle!) For anything else that you should know — just really that this would be the best decision you make for your wedding, yourselves and your families. She has a unique eloquent gift for melding and blending together tradition, cultures, different religions and families all under the umbrella of true love. Oh and her book is fabulous !!!!!! She really is a gift to the world. I hope you have a wonderful wedding and this was helpful. Best of luck to you !!!!”


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