After the wedding…

My couples come to me after the wedding for many reasons, to bless their children or perform other services. They also come to me for spiritual counseling, energy healing and meditation. Below is a review posted on DaoCloud (a wellness site) from one of my brides, Christine. I also offer bonding sessions to my couples during wedding planning, which more and more couples seem to want.

“Empowering! Rev. Susanna’s Energy Session is a beautiful therapeutic service. Her extensive experience in practice has allowed her to develop an empowering energy session with a holistic and spiritual approach. She creates an environment which enhances calm, relaxation, and balance of mind, body, and spirit. Her unique understanding of healing energy and technique encourages the release of energy blocks towards abundance and honor of higher self. Her session increases flourishing, energetic health, human connectivity and so much more. If you already feel good, Rev. Susanna can make you feel even better. Following our session, I felt even more vibrant, energized, full of life, with deeper feelings of positivity, gratitude, connectivity, and overall well-being. Rev. Susanna’s session created a profound energetic shift and helped me gain clarity towards next steps on my life’s journey. Thank you, Rev. Susanna!”

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