Albanian Wedding Dance!

After a beautiful wedding ceremony interlaced with their personal words about one another, Arton and Nicolette— a Muslim/Catholic couple so very much in love—rejoiced in dancing a traditional Albanian wedding dance.  The bride leads holding a handkerchief.  The dance begins with just the two of them. Then the immediate family joins in, followed by all their guests.   Guests shower them with money.   One can’t help but see similarities with traditional Greek wedding dancing.  After all, both are from the Balkan peninsula.  I see similarities all over the world!   The Jewish Horah and the Italian tarantella are two that come to mind.   Thank you Arton and Nicolette for giving me the gift of performing your ceremony, thereby witnessing the light of your love.    May God bless you with a lifetime of happiness!

Albanian Dance 1Albanian Wedding Dance 2Albanian Dance 3Albanian Wedding Dance 4

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