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A Review from a Wedding Planner

I am privileged to work with Debra Thompson, a wonderful wedding planner based in Westchester who goes above and beyond. She posted this lovely review on DaoCloud, a wellness site, which I am reposting below. Thank you Debbie! “I have worked with Reverend Susanna for over ten years in the wedding/event industry. Reverend Susanna is […]

After the wedding…

My couples come to me after the wedding for many reasons, to bless their children or perform other services. They also come to me for spiritual counseling, energy healing and meditation. Below is a review posted on DaoCloud (a wellness site) from one of my brides, Christine. I also offer bonding sessions to my couples […]

From one of my lovely families…

Craig Schatzman, beloved husband and father of four, posted this review on DaoCloud. So I am reposting here. “Rev. Macomb is amazing. She specializes in interfaith weddings and created an amazing ceremony for us. She does this by creating a ceremony that takes elements of the our respective religious and cultural traditions, but more by […]

Blessed Wedding in Tulum!

My heartfelt thanks to Patty, Harry and their families for the joy and honor of performing their wedding ceremony in Tulum where we combined Catholic, Latin and Mayan rituals —personal, meaningful and unique on every level. It was a spiritual, magical experience. Visually stunning as well!