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Thank YOU, Laura and Zach!

Thank YOU, Laura and Zach, for this beautiful photo and your kind words. The honor and joy were mine! I fell in love with you. Their words, “Hi! When we come back down to earth, we will be sending you more pictures and thank yous. You MADE your wedding. We appreciate you and all the […]

Beautiful Couple, Beautiful Wedding, Lots of Tears!

Nancy and Andrew personified the concept of “head over heels in love.” Their tears flowed as I read the tender words they wrote about one another, words they answered separately in my questionnaire, words they had not heard until their wedding day. Now they will have these words forever. We laughed too. Every aspect of […]

A Gorgeous Muslim-Catholic Wedding in the Mountains

Interfaith weddings take a bit of navigating, but when rooted in love, the rewards are immeasurable. I fell in love with this couple, their families, their love story. The groom set me this text from his honeymoon! “SusannaHello from Maui! I never got an opportunity to speak or message you after our wedding so allow […]

A Beautiful Touching Tribute That Made Me Cry!

A humanist, non-religious Jewish/Christian couple asked me for references. One of my couples, she, Jewish, and he, Greek Orthodox, decided to send me what Danielle wrote to this prospective couple. Her words made me cry! Here are her words below unedited. Apparently, she is answering some questions they had for her. Thank you, dear Danielle. […]

Inspiring Hope

Maryann and Ed’s story inspires hope for all of us! A second marriage for both, a history of tragedy, challenge and amazing synchronicity. After much sorrow and difficulty, fate brought them unimaginable love and happiness. At their age they did not want to wait to wed. Wearing masks and practicing social distancing, we made it […]

Reviews for my Master Class / Wedding Intensive

A couple of reviews from interfaith ministers who took my Wedding Intensive for All Faiths Seminary International: From Rev. Natalia de Rezendes: It is my joyous pleasure to take this time to write of the absolutely incredibly “great time” I had in taking an elective course at All Faiths Seminary entitled “Wedding Intensive” with the […]

A Review from a Wedding Planner

I am privileged to work with Debra Thompson, a wonderful wedding planner based in Westchester who goes above and beyond. She posted this lovely review on DaoCloud, a wellness site, which I am reposting below. Thank you Debbie! “I have worked with Reverend Susanna for over ten years in the wedding/event industry. Reverend Susanna is […]

After the wedding…

My couples come to me after the wedding for many reasons, to bless their children or perform other services. They also come to me for spiritual counseling, energy healing and meditation. Below is a review posted on DaoCloud (a wellness site) from one of my brides, Christine. I also offer bonding sessions to my couples […]