Blessed Wedding in Tulum!

My heartfelt thanks to Patty, Harry and their families for the joy and honor of performing their wedding ceremony in Tulum where we combined Catholic, Latin and Mayan rituals —personal, meaningful and unique on every level. It was a spiritual, magical experience. Visually stunning as well!

Persian Sofreh Aghd

Oh how I LOVE Persian ceremonies!

The Sofreh Aghd (marriage ceremony spread) goes back over 2500 years to ancient Persia.   It is beautiful, sumptuous to behold and rich in symbolism.  At interfaith intercultural weddings,  I always explain the symbolism of all the various elements.  Then we read some poetry!   Rumi is a favorite.   This was Mehdi and Beth’s sofreh at Tavern on the Green.

Persian Sofreh


A thank you note from Mr. and Mrs. Mattera

Hi Susanna,

We want to thank you so much for a beautiful and memorable ceremony.  It really exceeded our expectations and we were thrilled with it. So many people came up to us or called the next day to tell us it was the best ceremony they have ever been to!

It really set the tone for the rest of the night.

Also, we really hope you like and enjoy the angel; when we saw it made us think of you and hope it always reminds you of our wedding and what a special person you are.

All our love,

JeanAnn and Giovanni


To JeanAnn and Giovanni,

The joy and blessing were mine!  Thank YOU!

Rev. Susanna


Little Angels

The beauty of these little angels was lost on no one.  After our wedding ceremony, my heart beamed as I watched these flower girls play with the rose petals they had recently tossed so that our bride would walk on loveliness.

Little angels

Making my Hubby a Valentine!

Oh what fun it is to make my Hubby’s Valentine card this year!  It is a work in progress.  On canvas, the sides and back will be painted lipstick red and there will be a love message on the back.   As I tell my couples, the romance must continue for the rest of your lives.  Court your spouse!  We will be married 32 wonderful years this year…

Valentine for Hubby 2018

Persian Sofreh

I love love love the Persian Sofreh and Persian wedding ceremonies!   Sofreh literally means “marriage spread”.   This ancient tradition dates back thousands of years.   It is sumptuous to behold and filled with meaning — which I explain in detail at the ceremony.   (That’s me in the mirror taking the photo — in case you were wondering.)

Persian Sofreh

Persian Sofreh