Beautiful Couple, Beautiful Wedding, Lots of Tears!

Nancy and Andrew personified the concept of “head over heels in love.” Their tears flowed as I read the tender words they wrote about one another, words they answered separately in my questionnaire, words they had not heard until their wedding day. Now they will have these words forever. We laughed too. Every aspect of the ceremony was personalized. I loved our time getting to know one another over zoom as well as in person. We all left glowing in their stardust. The beautiful prayer stole that I am wearing was a gift from them! How blessed am I! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Darnell! It was truly an honor. xox

A Gorgeous Muslim-Catholic Wedding in the Mountains

Interfaith weddings take a bit of navigating, but when rooted in love, the rewards are immeasurable. I fell in love with this couple, their families, their love story. The groom set me this text from his honeymoon!

Hello from Maui! I never got an opportunity to speak or message you after our wedding so allow me to do that right now… the decision to have you marry Sezen and I was one of the best decisions we could’ve made. You truly exceeded all expectations and beyond. The way you were able to get 2 families from completely different backgrounds, cultures , and religions to be so engaged while speaking to their respective faiths was nothing short of remarkable. Not to mention Your selection of answers from Sezen and I that were so perfectly chosen and delivered!

You’re a Beautiful person with a beautiful soul Susanna. We’re so fortunate to have had you marry us.
All the best!

A Beautiful Touching Tribute That Made Me Cry!

A humanist, non-religious Jewish/Christian couple asked me for references. One of my couples, she, Jewish, and he, Greek Orthodox, decided to send me what Danielle wrote to this prospective couple. Her words made me cry! Here are her words below unedited. Apparently, she is answering some questions they had for her. Thank you, dear Danielle. I love you both!

“Hello!!!!! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! So exciting!!!! I don’t know how much Reverend Susanna told you about me, but I am a double reference professionally and personally. Professionally I have referred couples to her for the 10 years I’ve been a wedding planner…and personally because 10 years ago we had her officiate our wedding !!!!! She is simply amazing and magical and the most kind person. Her ceremonies are really unlike any other I’ve seen. So for your first question, they are so thoughtful, so personalized to you two ! For question number 2, she will help you along the way with whatever you need help and guidance with. Her approach is so easy going, insightful and understanding. It is such a relief as a bride to be able to easily ask for help and receive exactly the help you need. For question 3, not only will you be SO happy but I guarantee your families will be crying tears of joy and your guests will be talking about the ceremony for years to come. Really, my husband’s relatives still talk about how beautiful our ceremony was a decade later ! And that’s coming from very strict Greek Orthodox relatives that before our wedding, not only wasn’t familiar with anything like that but wasn’t that open minded to anything like that (even my very very difficult mother in law admitted that it was beautiful, nothing short of a miracle!) For anything else that you should know — just really that this would be the best decision you make for your wedding, yourselves and your families. She has a unique eloquent gift for melding and blending together tradition, cultures, different religions and families all under the umbrella of true love. Oh and her book is fabulous !!!!!! She really is a gift to the world. I hope you have a wonderful wedding and this was helpful. Best of luck to you !!!!”


Inspiring Hope

Maryann and Ed’s story inspires hope for all of us! A second marriage for both, a history of tragedy, challenge and amazing synchronicity. After much sorrow and difficulty, fate brought them unimaginable love and happiness. At their age they did not want to wait to wed. Wearing masks and practicing social distancing, we made it happened.

Reviews for my Master Class / Wedding Intensive

A couple of reviews from interfaith ministers who took my Wedding Intensive for All Faiths Seminary International:

From Rev. Natalia de Rezendes:

It is my joyous pleasure to take this time to write of the absolutely incredibly “great time” I had in taking an elective course at All Faiths Seminary entitled “Wedding Intensive” with the Reverend Susanna Stefanachi Macomb this past summer semester.

The class took place via zoom on three Thursdays in July and early August, 6:30-9:30. I can’t find words potent enough to express the enthusiasm that Rev. Susanna has for this subject matter. As I quote before you here the root of the word “enthusiasm” : The word enthusiasm indicates intense excitement. The noun enthusiasm comes from the Greek word enthousiasmos, from enthous, meaning “possessed by a god, inspired!

Rev Susanna is so inspirationally filled with the spirit of Oneness and Love that she exudes it through every pore, through every thought, through every word, through every action, and it was absolutely positively infectious as she inspired each and every one of us in our writing of our wedding ceremonies.

Rev Susanna is the author of “Joining Hands and Hearts” Interfaith Intercultural Wedding Celebrations….A Practical Guide for Couples.
Rev Susanna’s book is the most in depth book I have ever read on the subject matter of the creation of “Loving Union” encompassing The Religious The Spiritual, The Cultural and The Personal.
Rev Susanna spent so much time with our class, sharing with us the incredibly broad knowledge she possesses after 20 plus years of having done a gazillion weddings of all shapes, colors, sizes and ethnicities across the planet.
I am an Interfaith Minister, ordained by The New Seminary in NYC in 2009, and I have performed in and above some 120 ceremonies.
It was such an enrichment unto my personal experience hearing Rev Susanna’s stories of so many different combinations of couples….varying ethnicities, intercultural, LGBTQ….You name it this awesome Lady has performed it!
Her knowledge, her expertise, her incredible intuitively loving ability to join ALL in Oneness, overcoming all separation and desiring to serve ALL in Loving Ceremony of Union.
Over the course of the three sessions Rev Susanna gave us so many tools to work with in interviewing perspective couples and in getting to the bottom of knowing just what the couple desired to have included in the ceremony of their special day. She is a connoisseur of ritual “par excellence”. There were also so many ways in which Rev Susanna imparted unto us professional advice on how to handle delicately sticky family situations, especially in interfaith settings of different religious denominations, profound advice on “how to avoid” all the ego drama.
Her book is a marvel of research on multitudinous rituals that come from so many different ethnicities and religious and cultural traditions in our world and shall be the most wonderful reference for me to have in my wedding work forthcoming. Rev Susanna will be teaching an elective course in Baby Blessings from All Faiths Seminary in October, as this is another very active part of her loving service to community. Trust and know I plan to be present in this Baby Blessing class as Rev Susanna has personally inspired me beyond belief in the concept of becoming a “pastor without walls”.
It is my intention to incorporate into my ministry the doing of baby blessings and any other rituals I might offer my community in rites of passage and healing rituals.

If I would say that there be one element I received greater than any other for having had the opportunity to work with Rev. Susanna…
I would say that it was this quote of hers—that she had “fallen in love” with every couple she had opportunity to perform their wedding ceremony, and then Rev Susanna “fell in love’ with every family for whom she performed baby blessings, many of whom she officiated their weddings. .

The other aspect I so remember Rev Susanna sharing with us was to “judge not anyone for anything, anywhere.” Just Love and Be….and Seek to join in Love, in Light and lots of Joy.

I am so blessed to have found Rev. Susanna at All Faiths Seminary and I look forward to my continued study and comradery with such a being of Light, Love and Wonder! I am grateful for her presence in my life and my new affiliation with All Faiths. You can just feel the love flowing!”

And so it is!


From Rev. Mary Scott Soo, M.D.

“Reverend Susanna’s wedding workshop intensive was inspiring, informative, and such a joy! With the love and passion that I imagine she has extended to all her brides and grooms over her many years of officiating interfaith weddings, Rev. Susanna shared with us her wealth of knowledge and wisdom in creating and officiating these personalized ceremonies, and skillfully guided us in creating our own ceremony. This experience was full of love, support and positive energy, and has enhanced my abilities as a celebrant, increasing my confidence in all aspects of officiating interfaith weddings. The zoom format was effective, seamless, and made it possible for me to participate, in no way interfering with Susanna’s personalized connection with her students. I feel so blessed to have had the chance to get to know Susanna, and highly recommend her class!”


From Rev. Christina Sidoti:
“Rev. Susanna Macomb is an extraordinary teacher! I learned so much more than I ever anticipated in this course! She packed so much incredible wisdom into these three classes! She gave us so much time, so much of her heart and soul! I have never learned so much in such a short time. I can’t believe I feel so much more confident now to take a wedding…I know she is there and I can open her book and the answers will be there for me! She told us such beautiful stories…and she helped me to fall in love with marriage and weddings again…I just loved our Thursday nights and I cannot wait to take more of her courses! “


A Review from a Wedding Planner

I am privileged to work with Debra Thompson, a wonderful wedding planner based in Westchester who goes above and beyond. She posted this lovely review on DaoCloud, a wellness site, which I am reposting below. Thank you Debbie!

“I have worked with Reverend Susanna for over ten years in the wedding/event industry. Reverend Susanna is my “number #1” GO TO when I refer my couples to an officiant. She will consult and guide the couple to the most “amazing” and “memorable” wedding ceremony. But, above this, the Reverend has so much knowledge and hands on experience with the spiritual and mental wellness of all individuals that she works with. The care, comfort and professionalism that is shown leaves you feeling balanced and ready to face the world! On a personal note, I will only meditate with Reverend Susanna!”

After the wedding…

My couples come to me after the wedding for many reasons, to bless their children or perform other services. They also come to me for spiritual counseling, energy healing and meditation. Below is a review posted on DaoCloud (a wellness site) from one of my brides, Christine. I also offer bonding sessions to my couples during wedding planning, which more and more couples seem to want.

“Empowering! Rev. Susanna’s Energy Session is a beautiful therapeutic service. Her extensive experience in practice has allowed her to develop an empowering energy session with a holistic and spiritual approach. She creates an environment which enhances calm, relaxation, and balance of mind, body, and spirit. Her unique understanding of healing energy and technique encourages the release of energy blocks towards abundance and honor of higher self. Her session increases flourishing, energetic health, human connectivity and so much more. If you already feel good, Rev. Susanna can make you feel even better. Following our session, I felt even more vibrant, energized, full of life, with deeper feelings of positivity, gratitude, connectivity, and overall well-being. Rev. Susanna’s session created a profound energetic shift and helped me gain clarity towards next steps on my life’s journey. Thank you, Rev. Susanna!”